What’s All This Open Enrollment Hullaballoo About?

It’s the time of year when many people have an opportunity to see what their health insurance options are, for the coming year, and make choices.

In particular, Medicare beneficiaries get a lot of pressure via mail, phone, email, TV, internet and even on their front porch.  They are told they must register, they must call in, they must do this that or the other…time is running out!  It is stressful and overwhelming.

It is true that every year Medicare beneficiaries should evaluate whether their current plan(s) are meeting their needs and be aware of changes to those plans.  Yes they or their family members can do it on their own nut why not take advantage of the training, certifications, tools and commitment that a Medicare agent works very hard to be able to offer?

Specifically, why not let me help you?

If I know of something that can improve your situation, we can look at it.  If not, you get to rest easy knowing that you are good to go for 2020!

Give me a call and we can see if there is any room for improvement in your health coverage lineup.  Lisa Kennedy 402-686-0230.

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