Turn Food Prep into Special Memories

Many of us have childhood memories of watching or helping someone in our lives do tasks related to food.  I remember helping with my Grandma’s garden and watching her “put up” vegetables. In her pantry, there were rows of canning jars filled with vegetables.  I specifically remember she and I sitting in the family room watching “her shows”; both of us with 2 bowls in our laps, snipping the ends off green beans. Those memories are over 40 years old and precious to me.  I don’t remember the “chore” it was, I remember the time spent doing something together, the things I learned from her and the best green beans ever!


How about taking today’s renewed focus on eating fresh foods and turning it into a great reason to get together with extended family and friends?  We often get together for holidays and food is often a big part of those celebrations. Why wait just for holidays? Maybe once a month some family members get together to prep for healthy meals together.  Including members of all generations will surely provide lots of special memories for all.

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