Spring Cleaning? Here’s A Shower Cleaning Tip!

I don’t know anyone who thinks cleaning the shower out is a fun job.  Our Nebraska water can be a real challenge; even with a softener.  Here is a shower cleaning technique that works really well on the hard water deposits.


It only takes 2 ingredients and it is likely you already have them on hand; Dawn dishwashing soap and vinegar.  You will also need a good spray bottle; like the ones you can get at the garden store.


A few precautions should also be taken.  As you can imagine, dish soap on the floor of the shower/tub is going to get slippery so put something down like a non slip mat or a towel. The vinegar will get pretty strong smelling so an exhaust fan and/or open window is a good idea.  If you are very sensitive to smells and/or have any respiratory issues, this might not be a good thing for you to do yourself.


The directions I found specifically called for the blue Dawn.  I don’t know what the difference would be but I’ve always stuck to that.  For one shower, boil 1 cup vinegar and pour it into the spray bottle then add 1 cup Dawn. Gently mix them with the handle of a long wooden spoon or something like that.  If you shake it aggressively, it will foam up aggressively and you’ll have a mess!


Spray this mixture all over the inside of the shower and let it sit about an hour and not more than 2 hours.  Use a non scratch sponge or something similar and wipe all of the surfaces down.  You should feel how smooth it is and if you feel roughness, scrub some more.  Rinse all the surfaces and once it’s dry, you should see a significant improvement. There may be areas that could use another “treatment” the first time around.


I have also found this to work really well on the granite around the kitchen sink.


Happy Spring Cleaning!

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