Happy 60th Birthday to Motown!

The power of music is amazing.  One minute we can be right here in February 2019 then a song comes on.  Memories come out of the archives; bringing us back to a space in time when that song or genre was an integral part of our life. We remember where we were, what we were doing and who we were with.

Berry Gordy established Tamla Records in 1959 and it was renamed Motown in 1960.  What an impact they had on the music in America.  It is likely that Berry Gordy and the first artists had no idea what they were starting would be so epic!

If Motown has been an important part of your life, pop in a CD, play a Motown channel on Pandora or put on a record (they are popular again) and let the magic of music take you back. Enjoy!

Here’s another fun idea:  Share this post and ask your friends to share their favorite Motown songs or artists.  That should be some fun conversation.

If you’d like to learn more on the history of Motown, take a look at this great article put out by AARP https://www.aarp.org/entertainment/music/info-2018/motown.html

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