Grandparents Whole Life Policies

Being a grandparent is such a blessing. Often people comment about how different it is from when they were raising their own kids. Life tends to help (or force) us to develop more patience as we go through the challenges of life. We have experienced over and over the reality of “this too shall pass” so we may not worry as much as we did when our kids were growing up. Often, we have overcome the financial worries that may have triggered a lot of the stress we felt while raising kids. It is typical for grandparents that can, to provide childcare, gifts, clothing and activities; these can be very helpful to our families and bring us joy and purpose.

Purchasing a whole life insurance policy is another practical way we can help. Children’s Whole Life insurance is very low cost, as low as a cup of coffee a month/child! It might sound morbid to be thinking about life insurance for a child but aside from the fact that it would provide a benefit in the case of a death; Whole Life policies build cash value. This can be used for something years down the road; help with education, sports, weddings, trips, etc. In addition, the policy can be increased at certain age intervals so it can be kept into adulthood where it can continue to build cash value.

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