Don’t Risk Unexpected Out Of Pocket Costs

Now that we are into a new year, it is quite possible that you may have made a change in some aspect of your health insurance. Maybe your employer changed insurance companies. Maybe you chose a different Medicare plan or pharmacy plan. Maybe you didn’t make any changes.   However, it is not unusual for there to be administrative changes that you aren’t aware of, i.e., claims address, phone numbers, pre-authorization requirements or contacts.

Information that is essential for a health care provider to help you maximize your benefits, does change from time to time. This information is often reflected on the insurance card. Without the most up to date information, it is possible that you could incur out of pocket costs that you don’t anticipate.

Most health care providers try to verify information before providing services. However, you run the risk of financial responsibility for problems, if they weren’t provided with the most up to date information.

Ensuring that your health care providers have copies of your most recent health insurance cards, is essential to avoiding hassle and unexpected out of pocket costs. Carrying your card with you is also important in case of an emergency.

Senior Insurance Options is committed to helping you maximize the benefits of your insurance, preserve your assets and protect your family. Contact us if we can help you in any of these areas.

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