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I am a lifelong resident of the Omaha area. I have worked in the health insurance field for over 25 years. I have experience with the financial aspects of healthcare; from infants to seniors. I have seen, over and over, the affects of having, or not having, the right coverage when our health needs attention as well as when we need to deal with end of life situations.

The insurance market can be confusing and overwhelming to navigate on your own. You can rely on my extensive experience, industry resources and comprehensive insurance offerings to rest easy and know that you have the right policies to protect against all your unique risk factors. There is never a fee for my services. The insurance companies recognize how important it is for customers to have personalized guidance so they take care of compensating me for my training, experience, time and effort.

Lisa Kennedy

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Medicare Options

At age 65, you have access to Medicare health insurance options.  However, when reviewing your options, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of policy types, enrollment dates and possible penalties.

It’s important to understand that Medicare coverage can be broken down into four parts: Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D.  Here’s what each part will cover for you.

  • Part A – Hospital Insurance
  • Part B – Out-Patient Insurance
  • Part C – Managed Care – Part, A, B & D Combined
  • Part D – Prescription Drug Insurance
  • Dual Medicare/Medicaid Plans

Optional coverages can help with costs above what Medicare covers.

  • MediGap/Medicare Supplement
  • Short-Term/Recovery Care
  • Cancer/Critical Illness Coverage
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing
  • Hospital Indemnity

Enrollment in the different parts of Medicare is available only at specific times, depending on many different factors.  Penalties for late enrollment can be substantial so understanding the enrollment periods is important.

Interested in learning more about your Medicare options?  If so, Lisa Kennedy is ready to assist you with all of your insurance needs today.  It is good to start the conversation at least 3 months before turning 65.

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Health Insurance

There are many options available to help people with their health care expenses.

  • Market Place Plans (aka ObamaCare)
  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Christian Health Plans
  • Minimum Essential Coverage Plans
  • Cancer/Critical Illness
  • Home Care
  • Long-Term Care
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing
  • Mental Health Discount Plans
  • Prescription Discount Plans
  • Many More Options Available

If you are in need of health insurance or want to supplement what you already have, I would be happy to discuss your options.

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Life Insurance & Asset Preservation

Throughout your lifetime, you have likely amassed assets such as investments, real estate properties and personal valuables.  It is so important to secure protection for all that you have worked and saved for.  Read on to learn more about the asset protection coverages that I offer.

  • Long-Term Care– If you develop a chronic illness or are suffering from a life-altering disability, then long-term care insurance will help you cover the cost of ongoing medical and health care services; including services in the home, assisted living, adult day services and a skilled nursing facility.  Securing this coverage will enable you to get the care you need, in the best setting, while preserving your assets.
  • Life Insurance– Life insurance is the best way to provide financial protection for your loved ones in the wake of your death.  Securing the right life insurance will allow your family to pay off your debts, replace your lost income, cover your final expenses, and help provide a sense of financial stability for your family.  Certain life insurance policies combine coverage for a death benefit and long-term care; providing additional resources to preserve your assets.
  • Annuities– Fixed Annuities are contracts that offer guaranteed interest rates higher than current CD and bank account rates; allowing your money to continue working for you, while providing a secure and stable source of retirement income.  Fixed Annuities can also serve as tax deferral tools and include riders that allow you to make withdrawals without penalties.
  • Retirement Plan Roll-Over– A retirement plan roll-over occurs when you withdraw assets from one retirement plan and transfer them over to another plan.  If you switch jobs or retire, then this allows you to maintain access and control of the contributions that you have made with your old company.  In many cases, this can be done as a non-taxable event, without penalties.  As retirement nears, rolling investments to options that are less dependent on the stock market can decrease financial risk.

Interested in learning more about asset preservation services?  Lisa Kennedy is ready to assist you today

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